We created this website for server statistics, voting list, event details / stats and ranks

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Our server is located in France with big ryzen pro cpu, ddr4 ecc fast ram, 600mbit up network

our discord have nitro boost so teams can have improved voice quality with 128kb/s

dont forgot to come submit votes on discord, we are open community driven by Players, for Players

u can jail or ask to jail griefers

u can track chat + games start-ends on our discord server

we need admins, contact us on discord

ingame, a bot can give you elo scores, science sent counts... just "askbot help"

Rush nades, rush flamers or mines, rush lasers is a good way to survive

when u play your elo is taken in accout, its just for fun, dont worry about scores

Elo author : Patrol : https://bb-raven.patrol.neutrino.re/leaderboards/

MewMew is the creator of BB and many others devs made pull requests on Github opensource repo

https://github.com/Factorio-Biter-Battles/Factorio-Biter-Battles is the link of the repo